Friday, May 16, 2014

Logan High Is A Classless Organization. And I'll Tell You Why

Murray's soccer team had to travel to Logan today for the second round of the state playoffs.  OK, I don't have a problem with that.

When we got there, all the Murray parents were in the big bleachers, the ones that are usually for the home team.  One of the moms said that the Logan coach said they didn't expect a lot of folks, so we should sit over there where we didn't have to look into the sun.  A nice gesture.

Turns out it wasn't a good idea.  And was the LAST classy thing they did.

When the game started, the announcer mispronounced most of the Murray kids names.  I still don't know what he said when he tried to pronounce Logan Uliberrie's last name.  But every time he did it, the whole Murray crowd laughed at him.

But the real fun started when he introduced the Logan High players.  Most of whom were Hispanic.

This Michael Buffer want a be Motherfucker made the introductions like he was introducing the participants in a boxing match in Las Vegas.  Every kid had a nickname between his first and last name, the goalie was, "The WALL!"  And he rolled every R for all it was worth.  OK, I can take that in the introduction, fire up the home team and crowd.  But it didn't quit!

Every save was followed by, "The shot saved by THE WALLLLLLLL!"  And when Logan scored a goal?  I have never, ever heard anything so disrespectful to another team outside of the professional leagues.  This ass clown actually yelled, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!" into the microphone for at LEAST a full minute.  It was totally tasteless.

The Murray fans were pissed off.  I volunteered to go shoot the guy.  After all, he wouldn't have even been the FIRST guy in Logan shot by an Adult Probation and Parole Agent that day!  OK, I'm a retired AP&P Agent.  But that's funny, I don't care who you are.

Every few minutes, this jerk would shout, "Lets hear it for the Logan Grizzly!"  I thought they were the Logan Grizzlies.  Maybe they think they are the Utah Jazz, or the Chicago Fire.

But as annoying as the announcer was, some of the fans were even worse.

A group of six or seven kids, probably Jr. High Age, came in and sat behind the Murray fans, and were loudly cheering for Logan.  I let it go for the first half, and at half time, I thought they left.  We should be so lucky.

In the second half, they go louder.  So I finally turned around, as they were only about three rows behind me, and said, "Let me ask you little jerks something.  Are you sitting in the visiting team section because you're too stupid to know where YOUR fans are, or are you sitting here just to be assholes and you're looking for a fight?"

Dumb looks.

Then some ADULT males, sitting right behind me two rows stared giving me shit about giving the kids shit!  Like I'M the bad guy?  I don't think so.

I said to him, "Why are YOU here?  Those guys are kids.  They don't know any better until someone calls them on it.  What's YOUR excuse?"

He says to me, "We can sit anywhere we want." To which about ten Murray parents turned around and shouted at them, "NO YOU CAN'T!  The rules in this state say you have to sit in YOUR section!"  My Murray peeps had my back.

Then the dumb ass says, "Then you should go to the other side of the field.  That's for visitors."

One of the other soccer moms who was sitting next to Deb and I turned on this guy and let him have it.  His eyelids were blowing back.  I think he pooped his pants a little.  She said to him, "YOUR coach told us to sit HERE!  You have a problem with that, you go talk to him!"

Shortly after that, he and his buddy got up and left.  And two of the Murray moms went and sat on either side of the kids who were mouthing off.  The little shits didn't say another word the rest of the game.

Murray scores to even it up at 1-1, and it took about 15 minutes for the Michael Buffer want a be to put the goal on the scoreboard.  Really?  That's pretty petty.

But it got even worse in the shoot out.  Still tied after two overtimes so we go to the shoot out.  When ever Logan scored, the cheer leading, in Spanish was completely out of control.

Logan's players were great.  Yeah, there was some pushing and shoving by BOTH teams (although Murray got three or four yellow cards, and Logan got none.  This speaks more to the ref than the players and could be a whole, other blog) but when the Logan guys knocked you over, they helped you up.

Too bad the fans and the announcer couldn't have the class that their players did.

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